Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Course

Why this loop? the map:
The run is starting and stopping at the home of Norda and John Emmett, 395 E. 600 N., Logan, Utah.

* This is a loop with no need for shuttling runners
* Our loop has a lot of history deep in the roots of our family
* We will pass by the homesteads of 4 of Norda's daughter in laws
* The first aid station will be the front door of Norda's Ski/Board shop, 77 North Main.
* We will run by Logan High School home of GB Boy himself
* Next we run by John Emmett's childhood home
* In Providence we will run by the original home of J&N after their return to the valley
* The next aid station will be at the home of Ann & Jim Nyman, my inlaws

The course will zig and zag a bit but we don't care.

Is it a Race? More like a Run with friends, no cash prizes for first, second or any place. Those who run run for the cure.

What is the Cure? What ever ails you or anyone you know. Stay tuned, more to follow about the cure.

Caution: Obey all stop lights and cross walks. Crossing Main street on 400 South may be a bit dicey, there is a light back on 300 South if you want to back track.


emetski said...

Where's 'The Cure' on your playlist?

Tom said...

Ooops..., run for "The Cure" is now doubled up on the playlist and your listening pleasure.