Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Run For the Cure '10

Emmett Family Fun Five-K Run;
Ultra K Challenge October 9th
Start/Finish: Twin Pine Ranch. Run, walk, ride,
skip, hop or skate
3.2 or 6.3 miles (or any other multiple of an ultra-5K or 3.1 miles.)
Starting time will be 32 minutes past a morning hour yet to be determined along with the route. Support and cheer team members are also need so there's opportunities for all to participate.
Mom/Grandma Emmett has the official starter job locked down, however. Registration is free. Come and help support a good cause of your choice such as fighting cancer, GB, Duane Syndrome (ask Molly), or rabies.

for more info contact tom

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

wacky weather

Get ready for a fantastic Cache Valley fall run.... better then heat, I say.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Course

Why this loop? the map: http://nordasmarathon.blogspot.com/2008/10/map-of-nordas-ultra-half-marathon.html
The run is starting and stopping at the home of Norda and John Emmett, 395 E. 600 N., Logan, Utah.

* This is a loop with no need for shuttling runners
* Our loop has a lot of history deep in the roots of our family
* We will pass by the homesteads of 4 of Norda's daughter in laws
* The first aid station will be the front door of Norda's Ski/Board shop, 77 North Main.
* We will run by Logan High School home of GB Boy himself
* Next we run by John Emmett's childhood home
* In Providence we will run by the original home of J&N after their return to the valley
* The next aid station will be at the home of Ann & Jim Nyman, my inlaws

The course will zig and zag a bit but we don't care.

Is it a Race? More like a Run with friends, no cash prizes for first, second or any place. Those who run run for the cure.

What is the Cure? What ever ails you or anyone you know. Stay tuned, more to follow about the cure.

Caution: Obey all stop lights and cross walks. Crossing Main street on 400 South may be a bit dicey, there is a light back on 300 South if you want to back track.

Map of Norda's Ultra Half Marathon

Norda's Ultra-Half Marathon

Norda's (maybe first annual)
Dr. Pepper, Banana Bread & Cheese
Ultra-Half Marathon;
Run For The Cure
Saturday October 11th, '08

Course: Leaving Norda & John Emmett's home the course will head north a few blocks then west winding through the historic streets of Logan. We will then run/jog south by the legendary 15 year old Norda's location, 77 North Main (1st aid station). Continuing south past some other historical spots we will wind into Providence (2nd aid station), River Heights and east toward the mouth of Logan Canyon. This will set up a swell mile run on a trail along the canal followed by a .5 mile finish on the road. No longer than 15.6 but at least 13.2 miles. Keep checking for official course info.At least two aid stations will be provided at certain points yet to be officially determined. Dr. Pepper & Norda's Home Made Banana Bread (NFE-BB) will be at the start, aid stops and finish. Yum.... oh, we'll have H2O and sports drinks too.

Start & Stop - 395 East 600 North, Logan Utah Start Time: 8:05 am

BYOTC (bring your own timing chip) or stop watch; no official time will be recorded.

BYOBN (bring your own bib number) When running for the cure we are all equal with the same purpose.

Registration: Sept 25th, No preregistration required unless you want the LTD unofficial cotton t-shirt $15 or the LTD Pearl Izumi race shirt $35. Send your size and payment to Norda's Ultra-Half, 77 North Main Logan, Utah 84321 before Sept 25th.No wavers will be signed and no one is liable for your accidental mishaps except for yourself. Run with caution. Injures can happen while running, you can dehydrate, get hit by a car, have cardiac problems, chafe in unmentionable spots, blister, trip, bonk, encounter gastrointestinal issues as well as just have a bad run. Norda's, or anyone else, is not liable. Be Safe, Be Courteous.

Weather: Expect a typical Utah, Cache Valley, Fall morning. Start in the upper 30's to low 40's and finish in the mid 50's to low 60's. A chance of rain, wind, mostly sunny, partly cloudy, and a bit of snow are all possible.

Sponsors: http://www.nordas.com/, Dr. Pepper, NFE Banana Bread"Run Slow, Ski Fast!" "How's your Bill?" "Start Slow, Than Taper!"